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welcomeKonnichiwa minna-san ♥♥♥ This layout is cool but when I use it as mine, it becomes ugly. Sorry 4 that. I'll fix that soon :P
profile Me : 18 years old girl - Mangazuki - J-rock lover - HYDE addict.
Manga I love : Fullmetal Alchemist - oh my, this is a true masterpiece. Naruto - bravo Kishi-sensei. Hikaru no Go, which is quite old but still makes me scream when I see Sai. Bleach - I love how Kubo-sensei describes the Soul Society. One Piece - so many hot guys such as Sanji, Zolo ^^. Dogs - it's a new seinen manga, dunno why but I really like it.
Music I love : J-rock, esp L'Arc~en~Ciel, the rainbow will always shine ♥ HYDE ♥ He's the most beautiful man in the world and has such angelic voice. I also love Gaze (Ruki & Uru), Kagrra (Isshi & Akiya), A9 (luv all, esp Shou bunny), Myv-chan, Orange Range (Yamato), Ajikan (luv all). J-pop loves : Rythem, Akeboshi, Chihiro Onitsuka, Raico. US diva : Xtina ♥
Movie I love : Moon Child ^_________^
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